Meet The Designer


Howard Sparer, Owner/Designer

I’ve had a passion for construction & design all my life. Even as a young child I was taking things apart and putting them back together to see how things worked, building structures with my Erector Set, Lincoln Logs or whatever I could find lying around the house. As a young boy of fourteen, I designed and constructed my bedroom in the basement of my childhood home. I did all the work myself with the help of books, trial and error. After graduating from high school I went on to college and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Landscape Architecture from Cook College, Rutgers University. My senior year was especially important to me because I was a teacher’s assistant for Roy Debore, who at the time was the head of the landscape architecture department. I actually lectured and taught design to the underclassman, and that experience really sharpened my design skills that I still use today. Recently, I’ve recently had the opportunity to work with a client who has allowed me to be very creative, and together we have created three beautiful rooms in his home, which include a dining room with a star star-lit ceiling, a 50!s retro diner in one garage, and a retro Texaco gas station in the other.

Please be sure to visit my photo gallery, and I do look forward to designing and building something special for you!